Monday, 20 April 2009

Dream pop

I am standing with Asobi Seksu's album Citrus from 2007. This New-York based dream-pop band is so incredibly uplifting it is no wonder their popularity on the internet has sky-rocketed. Playing along on the shoegaze wave of the 80's, 90's their music is like a harder, more upbeat version of what Cocteau Twins were in the eighties. They incorporate elements of indie rock which makes the band rather special. There are elements similar to bands like Blonde Redhead. 

Highlights: The feel-good song Goodbye incorporating bittersweet pop melodies into sensual, sonically ambitious soundscapes:

Once I had a girlfriend
she made my heart just want to die

It is music that is plain fun to listen to. For more ethereal sounds, consider the collaboration of Asobi Seksu with Ulrich Schnauss. Schnauss has remixed a lot of the band's releases into some fantastic low-beat dream pop releases with lots to come for if you like experimental music. Consider for instance the Ulrich Schnauss remix of Asobi Seksu's Strawberries. It has the characteristic ambient feel that Schnauss is famous for, while incorporating the amazing vocals of head vocalist Yuki. 

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