Monday, 6 April 2009

Laura Marling

I am not the biggest fan of Laura Marling, simply because I find some of her work slightly pretentious and/or to be an imitation of Joni Mitchell, Linda Perhacs, Sibylle Baier and all those other folk artists. This teenager tackles issues like mental illness and adult suicide in My Manic and I in a way that makes her seem far older than she actually is (née 1990). All those grainy effects of the promo video make me think of Jack Wills and all the rahs at Oxford wearing that terrible, senseless brand, so I shout "Sell Out" from the confines of my bed (it is 06:20 after all). 

Disregarding the fancy editing, I cannot deny that her voice is pretty amazing for her age, and that she can come across as authentic, especially in   The Captain And The Hourglass

Let me know what you think, but please abstain from writing "Fuck the haters". I don't hate her per se

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  1. i just found her. I heard the song a few times before I knew anything about her. Finding out she was born the year I turned 18 shocked me. I pretty much haven't stopped listening since. I think yes, she's young; yes she's like the people who have influenced her but I think she knows that and so she'll grow and develop in a really interesting way.