Saturday, 18 April 2009

Swedish twee!

I have been listening to 1980's Swedish twee / indie pop, especially the Smiths-inspired band Happydeadmen. Self-proclaimed as "the band that saved Swedish pop in the 80's", Happydeadmen have a lot to offer in terms of evidence for the early stages of independent pop in Scandinavia that is not Roxette or Cardigans. Formed in 1988 (the year I was born) as a response to the fact that Swedish indie music equated that of punk or goth rock, they wanted to introduce more bland, introspective music with lyrics that dealt with more than Punk alienation in a world that rejects social deviants. They prepared the music scene for later successes of the Cardigans, Popsicle and the rest of 90's indie pop in Sweden.  

Highlights: The song Silent Sigh City carries an air of authentic late 80's nostalgia marked by high unemployment rates in Scandinavia. I personally find it to a very nostalgic release as it reminds me of my childhood summers spent in our summer house in Sweden. I guess it is the sound of having grown up.

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