Monday, 4 May 2009

Au Revoir Simone

The trio of pretty girls Heather D'Angelo, Erika Forster and Annie Hart from New York are back with the fabulous album  Still Night, Still Light which has release date set for May 19 2009. I have been lucky to get my hands on it before its commercial release, and wow what an album it is.
To define their music a little more precisely, Au Revoir Simone are well known for synth-based ethereal, dreamy pop. It is uplifting and very laid-back music, which is extremely well crafted. 

Highlights: The song of the album is without a doubt Another Likely Story. The synthesised ambient background music is very nice to listen to, the vocals are surprising and the song overall is a joy to listen to if you enjoy childlike-music. There are both drone elements and hi-hats. They are trying to create a folk track without folk instruments, and it works. It is the perfect dose of cute electropop for a lazy Saturday.


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