Sunday, 26 July 2009

Collapsing at your doorstep

Today I am looking at one of Sweden's most prominent electronic twee music band, Air France. Like most other fantastic Swedish artists and bands (Jens Lekman, José Gonzalez, Pacific, The Embassy) Air France hails down from the city of Gothenburg.

Their repertoire includes stunning ensembles of old audio footage set in a novel context by adding the best of cute electronic tunes.

Their debut album is No Way Down, an absolutely splendid and very innocent release from 2006.

Highlights: Collapsing at your doorstep: Combining balearic tunes with cute background lyrics "Sort of like a dream, isn't it? - No, better!" this track won itself the highlighted position of the album. The excerpt of two children that you can hear in the song comes from the 1980's TV show "Beauty and the Beast".

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