Sunday, 12 June 2016

On the weight of memories -- the burden of memory

On Sunday's, it happens perchance that memories overcome me. This happened today, while walking along a rainy bankside London backstreet. Through associations and memory triggers, I experience them so vividly I can almost reach out and jump through a looking glass to relive each moment once again. While the sound of it is delicious, it's a slight torment to live with ghosts and among ghosts.

I remember how drawn out some days were, especially hazy spring days of youth, the summery anxiety of lots to come, and the undecidedness of the whole affair. Certain people spring up in those memories a lot, people I truly loved once, and who moved away never to be heard from again. I remember collections of people, laughters, smiles, conversations that we once had. Memories so visceral that you wonder how an eternity has passed, how we still are alive when somedays we fight to even feel at all.

Oh memory, how I've missed you.

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