Sunday, 29 March 2009

First entry

Dear reader,
this is my blog about music, cynicism and science. As you may know, I study a science at university, but my interests tend towards the non-scientific. I shall be blogging about lots of fascinating music so stay tuned.

As a taster, and while a bit cliché, I have been listening to the older albums by icelandic electronic/alternative band  Múm. Especially Dusk Log EP (2004) and Finally We Are No One (2002). The latter is especially evoking of that mood I am so familiar of in Scandinavia. Finally We Are No One was conceived in an Icelandic lighthouse where Múm band members are reputed to have spent most of their working time coming up with the gem that is the album, with songs like The Land Between Solar Systems, well worth listening to. 


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