Monday, 30 March 2009

Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK

Today I am looking at Múm's first album, released in 2000: Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today is OK. Let's look at the best bits. In my opinion the best two tracks are "The Ballad of the Broken Birdie" and "Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling". 

The first of these starts of with a few low-beat electronic utterances. The mood is uncertain, certainly not peaceful. They give way to reveal a strong vocal contribution in English. "Broken Birdie, Lost His Voice". Múm evoke a melancholic ambient that almost seem to go down the alley of depression by means of strong imagery: "Black black lightning / Broken call / Painful babies / Smokes of land". The song probably describes the sadness of a bird unable to sing as the rest of birds do. The reference to babies suggests that the bird is a mother unable to find the nest and offspring because it cannot call for them. Is it lost? Probably lost in the feeling of inadequacy that I know so well.
The second song starts off with sounds of promise. Followed by an interlude of almost total silence, to reveal a glaring post-rock ensemble of noise and electronic beats. Very surprising

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