Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sunny Thurdays are good

So apparently blogging is good for you, says study later published in Scientific American. I guess writing has always been therapeutic because it lets you vent off some steam without severely damaging relationships or being accused of having a narcissist complex. The argument about it improving your sleep could  either signify that by means of blogging you resolve issues that you otherwise would have to deal with while dreaming, or that in severe cases like "OMFG I cannot stand having this problem anymore" announcing it to the world lets one sleep more serenely. 

On the issue of grass sorts, I have been listening to American folk band Vetiver's new LP "Tight Knit", and god it is tight, in a good way. What always interested me about this band was the fact that they could fit drum beats and banjo music in one song (See The Swimming Song from their older album Things of the Past). By abandoning the banjo for a few soothing electronic additions they have abandoned the Red Neckish type of music they would sometimes produce (just like I have accused Amy Millan of sounding like a hick before), in favour of amazing progressive folk. 

Highlights: The cute Múm-like song Down From Above

I could not resist not posting this pretty album art. Note the implicit drug-reference with the man staring at a shiny light above a bunch of mushrooms. The mood is like "Come to me". 

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